When I say that “traditional marketing needs reinvention,” I do not intend to be dramatic. Marketing is in the midst of an existential crisis and marketers face an uncertain future.

 The reasons for this are complicated and multi-faceted. Developing an adequate understanding requires:

  1. Looking at the history of the marketing industry across time and place
  2. Diving deeply into the impacts of new technologies, data deluge, organizational cultures and levels of marketing sophistication of the various organizations.
  3. Fully comprehending the tectonic changes happening in the consumer and business space, cultural shifts and competitive landscapes 
  4. Studying the frameworks current top marketers and thought leaders use, to be able to successfully navigate the situation

There is no doubt that it is a daunting list. But if you are interested in beginning your journey, there is no better place to start with than the inaugural episode of “Quantum Marketing Live,” my new Linkedin Live series, where I will be discussing these topics and more with the incredible Antonio Lucio.

 Antonio is truly a marketing legend. His career has taken him from Kraft to PepsiCo, from Visa to HP, and from Facebook to his current position as an Executive Fellow at the Yale School of Management. He has been repeatedly named one of the five Most Influential CMOs by Forbes and has been widely recognized for his work championing diversity and inclusion.

 I first met Antonio many years ago when I became the CMO of Citicards. Since then, he has become both a trusted colleague and a close personal friend. To say that Antonio has a unique and insightful perspective to share would be quite the understatement. Antonio is one of those rare gems who is not only an outstanding professional, but a rare human being.

I hope all of you will join me in welcoming Antonio to Quantum Marketing Live and that you RSVP to join our conversation, which will take place on Monday, June 7th at 1:15 PM EST. You can set a reminder here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/mvrajamannar_technology-marketing-activity-6806296145967534080-KTnV

What questions do you have on the future of marketing (or anything else) that you’d like us to discuss? Please share your prompts in the comments as we want this conversation to be as fruitful as possible for all of you!