Praise for Quantum Marketing

“This book will do to our view of marketing what Copernicus’ book did to our view of the world—it will change it forever. ”

— Ivan Pollard, CMO, General Mills

Quantum Marketing is a masterful guide to navigating marketing’s biggest disruption yet. Raja offers extraordinary insights and perspectives and pragmatic pathways to pursue. A must-read book for all business executives.”

— Keith A. Grossman, President, TIME

Quantum Marketing provides inspiration for an exciting future of disruption in the field and sheds light on the value marketing brings in driving business in this era of transformation. Wherever you are in your marketing journey, this is a must-read.”

— Conny Braams, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, Unilever

“Raja is a great humanist and a role model for the industry. His book is a must read for any marketer who wants to build brands that stand the test of time in the post digital age, which requires a balanced approach to marketing where science rules and storytelling amplifies. Raja is a true polymath who has struck the right balance.”
— Antonio Lucio, former CMO of Facebook, Visa, HP and PepsiCo Int.

“Raja provides an inspiring outlook on the future of marketing and presents compelling frameworks and tangible approaches for marketers to navigate the exciting path forward. Effectively, he brings marketing of the past into the future.”
— Leslie Berland, CMO, Twitter

“Raja is one fo the world’s most insightful and creative CMOs. His book serves as a call to arms for marketing transformation made inevitable by technology breakthroughs and shifts in cultural expectations. This book is for anyone who wants to understand where marketing is going and how to harness these inevitable changes.”
— Chris Capossela, CMO, Microsoft

“Raja does a brilliant job showing how to reimagine and reframe marketing by combining the power of creativity with predictive sciences and breakthrough technologies to drive business growth. Quantum Marketing is a must-read for all C-Suite executives.”

— Ann Mukherjee, Chairman & CEO, Pernod Ricard NA

Quantum Marketing displays the thought leadership of a marketing visionary, the practicality of a leading global marketer and the storytelling of a creative genius. This book will give every practitioner and student a unique vantage point of a marketing guru.”

— Devika Bulchandani, President, McCann North America

“Raja offers a clear roadmap for marketers to become stronger stewards of brand and growth amidst a massive paradigm shift. Insightful and eye-opening, this is a must-read for any marketer who does not want to become obsolete in today’s fast-paced world.”
— Michelle Peluso, SVP Digital Sales & CMO, IBM

Quantum Marketing is a deeply knowledgeable and thought-provoking book, seminal to the times. Raja, as a leading global practitioner of marketing, offers practicable insights to reimagine marketing for the dramatic transformation that is under way. This is a must-read book for all marketing practitioners and students.”

— Harris Diamond, Chairman and CEO, McCann WorldGroup

“Raja, who is a cutting-edge marketer, offers not only a fascinating view into the fifth paradigm of marketing, but also how to play deftly in it and win. This is an outstanding book and it will prove to be a landmark in the world of marketing!”
— Ashok Vaswani, CEO, Consumer Banking & Payments, Barclays

“Raja offers a very different, fresh, and audacious look into the future of marketing. This must-read book makes you realize that it is indeed time to reset the button and take the quantum leap forward.”
— Stephan Loerke, CEO, WFA

“For any marketer or business leader, Raja does a great job at preparing us for the future of marketing. A must-read for anyone who wants to be a contemporary leader.”
— Pedro Earp, CMO, Anheuser-Busch InBe

“For those looking to embrace, not avoid, the tough questions from their CEOs and CFOs, this book is a must read. Raja connects the dots for today’s quantum marketers looking to unlock brand impact and outcomes in the fifth paradigm because, simply put, what got you here won’t get you there.”
— Wendy Clark, Global CEO, Dentsu International

“In this “more than a must read” book, Raja not only presents the critical facets of marketing in the most elegant, eloquent, and clarifying language, but he also helps the reader to truly understand how to harness the powerful force of marketing and its impact for brands and society. Quantum Marketing will make you realize marketing can make impossible, very possible”
—Bob Liodice, CEO, ANA

Quantum Marketing is a book full of optimism and hope, with practical examples of how to integrate critical elements of brand building with the data and analytic rigor necessary to drive business growth. Its strength is in demonstrating how marketers are integral to business success. By exploring marketing’s fusion of art, science and craft, Raja helps marketers to be thoughtful practitioners of their work”

—Leanne Cutts, Group CMO, HSBC

Quantum Marketing brilliantly describes the tremendous challenges facing future CMOs and how to fundamentally rethink marketing principles and frameworks. A must-read for marketers and business leaders who want to drive growth and thrive in the future.”

—Ravi Dhar, Professor of Marketing, Yale School of Management

“Raja provides a clear roadmap for marketers to leapfrog into the future. He peels back the hype and gives pragmatic guidance. An excellent read!”
—Zena Arnold Srivatsa, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, Kimberley Clark

“Raja offers an innovative view of the new Quantum Marketer mindset, which is both daunting and exhilarating. A must-read for anyone willing to compete for and succeed in a top marketing job today.”
— Greg Welch, Senior Partner, Spencer Stuart

“One of the greatest marketing leaders of our time, Raja has created this important book to help us prepare for the future of Quantum Marketing. The timing could not be more perfect for this extremely insightful treatise.”
—Susan Vobejda, CMO, The Trade Desk

“This is the closest anyone could get to spelling out a replicable, successful playbook for the modern marketer in a world where the only constant is change. Raja shares a holistic framework that will help anyone rise to the quantum marketing challenge of tomorrow.”
— Anda Gansca, Founder & CEO, Knotch

“Raja, clearly one of the great thought leaders in maketing today, makes a compelling case for a new marketing framework and provides guidance on how to make the most of the opportunities this new environment has to offer. Concise and immensely practical, Quantum Marketing is the book to read (and re-read) as we head into 2021.”

— Gerhard Fourie, Director of Marketing & Brand Strategy, Aston Martin

“Raja’s bold and candid observations, mixed with his relentless energy and ‘can-do’ attitude is truly a breath of fresh air. This book is a rallying cry for all senior marketers to design and implement a new playbook that will finally acknowledge the power of marketing to drive business growth. Relevant, timely, and actionable!’”
— Nikki Mendonca, Global Managing Director, Software & Platforms Industry - Accenture

Quantum Marketing should have a place on every executive’s desk and in every business-school classroom. Raja, one of the most influential marketing leaders of our time and a foremost thinker who is also a staunch proponent of the purpose imperative, expertly articulates why and how marketers need to ‘reinvent their entire approach’ for marketing’s now and next, and provides a down-to-earth playbook, peppered with colorful anecdotes of his own journey. A must-read for all students of the marketing profession as well as business leaders negotiating the challenges and opportunities of a changing world.”

— Jenny Rooney, Communities Director and Chair of the CMO Network, Forbes

“It is rare to find someone like Raja with such breadth and depth of knowledge, insights, and global experiences, so there is no one better to fuse both the art and science of marketing. Anyone trying to transform their business needs to read this book.”
— Steven Wolfe Pereira, CEO & Co-Founder, Encantos

“Raja is a master of his craft. He brings a new level of depth and dimension to be effective in this ever-changing world. Quantum Marketing is the most complete and a masterful articulation of what marketing is and how best it should function in the 21st century.”

— Nick Drake, Vice President Global Marketing, Google

“Never before have we seen the fiber of traditional wisdom, modern technology, and a true understanding of the consumer spun together masterfully by a great practitioner of the marketing—a must read for any and all!”
— Pranav Yadav, Founder and CEO, Neuro-Insight US Inc

Quantum Marketing gives us new frameworks for more scientific and technologically savvy approaches, enabling brands to be connected, relevant and frictionless across the full consumer experience in the future that lies ahead. A superb book on how marketing can drive more meaningful relationships with consumers!”

— Janet Balis, Marketing Practice Leader, EY Consulting

“Raja’s extensive experience as a GM, President, and leading Chief Marketing Officer clearly sets this phenomenal marketing leadership resource apart from all others. His insatiable quest in always staying ahead of technology and being able to connect all marketing activities to demonstrate and drive business results, are critical skills for every marketing leader today and tomorrow.”
— Nadine Dietz, Chief Community Officer, Adweek

“In this thought-provoking book, Raja provides a lens into the future of how marketing will continue to evolve and what it would take to be successful. This is a must read book for every business executive.”
— Sunil Gupta, Edward Carter Professor of Business, Harvard Business School