In the age of social media, any news — good or bad — can spread like wildfire.

 That’s part of why I believe there has never been a more fascinating and inspiring time to be a marketer. Now, more than ever, the rapid evolution of technology and the proliferation of data are providing significant opportunity for those who are willing to learn.

 However, this new paradigm also comes with risks — protecting brand reputation is more difficult than ever before. It’s increasingly critical for brands to know everywhere they are showing up and ensure their marketing strategies are closely aligned with their customers’ values.

 I’m so excited to discuss all of this and more with the innovative @Lisa Utzschneider, CEO of @Integral Ad Science.

 Tune in to hear us discuss:

● Brand safety in the era of automated advertising and social media

● How to protect your brand’s reputation

● The end of cookies, and what that means for marketers

 … And more!

 I hope you will join us this Tuesday, April 26th at 11:15 AM ET. You can RSVP here:

 My primary goal in hosting these live sessions is to provide as much value as I can to you. So if there are any specific questions or topics you would like us to discuss, please let me know in the comments!